Our Story


IMG_0221Always inspired by beauty and a need for creative expression, Ton Savon founder, Dana DeVorzon, grew up surrounded by art as the daughter of an art dealer. A Fine Arts Major and gifted photographer, Dana launched her creative talents in the entertainment industry building a reputation and career as a Hollywood television film editor.

Traveling to France at a young age, she was drawn to the lifestyle and beauty, and alluring scented soaps. She always knew she had a heightened sense of smell; she married her memories to scents, and was intrigued by the instant sense of comfort, joy, and a feeling of wellbeing that certain fragrances could promote.


Her love of the French language and culture must have been deep-rooted as both she and her twin sister married Frenchmen. Her husband had family in the South of  France in the bath products industry specializing in prestige brands.


Dana had a vision of bringing to market affordable yet luxurious bath products for everyday use, not just for special occasions or purchased as gifts.

French vegetable-based soaps were unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship. Dana wanted to take the time-honored traditions of Shea butter-enriched triple milled soaps and French bath products to the next level by creating natural, organic formulations without BHT, SLS, phthalates, or parabens. Products that were safe for the environment and the entire family.

Her husband believed in this vision and together with their best friend, built Ton Savon. Dana left the film industry to pursue her new passion of manufacturing natural products with intoxicating scents. Between having a “nose that knows”, she also draws on her innate creative talents and art background to create enticing brands that stand out in the industry for their quality, purity, and beauty.