About Us


Encompassing bath, beauty, and home, Ton Savon products are manufactured in France using a blend of tradition and advanced technology to develop the finest lines in the beauty industry.

Ton Savon has formulated many prestige brands sold in boutiques such as Sephora and Anthropologie as well as high-quality private label natural and organic HABA products for market leading natural food stores, grocery, drug, and club chains including Trader Joes and Costco.  Ton Savon also services customers in Europe and Asia.


Started in 1992 in the heart of Provence, France, and opening it’s North American headquarters in Southern California in 2002, Ton Savon’s expertise, innovative formulations, and use of only the finest ingredients, has enabled us to provide our customers with high quality products for an excellent value. Read Our Story about the founder of this woman-owned business.

Ton Savon’s wide range of products include world renown 100% vegetable triple milled soaps, liquid hand soaps, shower gels, exfoliants, bubble baths, sugar and salt scrubs, lotions, hand creams, face creams, face cleansers, candles, incense, solid perfumes, eau de toilette, room sprays and much more.

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Ton Savon has a strong focus on growing our category of safe, natural, earth-freindly products and have helped bring a number of natural and organic certified soaps and bath product brands to the marketplace. Ton Savon offers NPA and USDA NOP certified products free of BHT, parabens, phthalates, SLS, EDTA, and gluten, with a selection of natural colors and fragrances or essential oils. More details


Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations whether you are seeking volume, quality, and value or high-end formulation development with attention to unique ingredients, performance, and prestige packaging. Ton Savon maintains confidential client relationships unless otherwise directed. We will work with you from conception through delivery, and continue to offer customer support to help you build a successful and profitable private label or brand.