Our factory is situated close to Grasse, France ‘the perfume capital of the world’. Renown perfumers such as Givaudan, Charabot, Fragonard, and Mane have been based there since the early 1800s. The 30 perfumers in this medieval town provide for the majority of flavors, scents, and fine fragrances to the global market.

We frequently meet with our perfumers, relying on their vast knowledge and experience to formulate new scents for our clients or to test the newest fragrances or essential oil blends. Whether you are interested in products scented with fragrance, natural fragrance, or essential oils, we will source your scents with attention to quality and artistry to deliver a fragrance that expresses the uniqueness of your lines.


You may choose from our inventory, send us your scents, or collaborate with us to design something new.  There are no limits to imagination.

Follow these links for a partial list of fragrances, natural fragrances, and essential oils as our inventory is constantly evolving.


Synthetically created aromas using distillation, enfleurage, and extraction.  Phthalate-free is available.


Made with essential oils and botanical fractions and naturally extracted.


The essence of aromatic plants extracted from leaves, stems, flowers, flower bark, roots or other plant elements by steam or water distillation, maceration, cold pressing, or solvent extraction.