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Ton Savon is a leading manufacturer of private label bath and beauty products from the South of France. The company is recognized for 100% vegetable triple milled soaps, a focus on natural ingredients, and creating luxurious formulations for face, body, hair, and home.

Ton Savon has formulated many prestige brands sold in soap-moldboutiques such as Sephora and Anthropologie as well as high quality private label natural and organic HABA products for market leading natural food stores, grocery stores, drug, and club chains including Trader Joes and Costco.


Ton Savon’s laboratory and production facilities in France can support producing over 3,000 tons of soap and over 1,500 tons of cosmetics annually. Ton Savon features 8 soap lines, 6 emulsifiers, 2 large capacity tanks, 4 large capacity caldrons, 2 automatic tubes lines, an automatic candle line, and a lip balm line. We follow the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) stipulated by ISO 9001 in addition to USDA NOP and EcoCert for natural and organic products and follow strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures. List of Certifications


All of our products are formulated in our lab in Provence by highly skilled, experienced chemists, using the the most stringent standards for performance, texture, and purity. Our R&D capabilities include formulation of bath products, lotions, cosmetics, candles, natural and organic products, and more. We conduct quality control, performance, and stability tests in order to assure high quality and satisfaction.


1000 units for liquids per sku and 2500 units for soaps but for off-set printing and packaging production, 5,000 units is more cost effective.


Our factory is situated close to Grasse, France ‘the perfume capital of the world’ where perfumers provide the majority of flavors, scents, and fine fragrances to the global market. We will work with you and our exclusive perfumers in Grasse to create new fragrances or you may choose from our enticing selection of fragrances, natural fragrances, or essential oils.  We will source your scents with attention to quality and artistry to deliver a fragrance that expresses the uniqueness of your lines. Learn more


The same care and research that goes into our products is also placed on creating innovative and visually gratifying packaging utilizing FSC-compliant materials, vegetable ink, and recycled content for packaging and labeling when possible. We invite you to work with our staff to create a line that will stand out in quality and beauty. View packaging options


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